Joe Rotondo

Joe Rotondo

Joe combines his Brooklyn roots with ethical fashion, creating timeless, high-utility Americana designs.

At Rocky Clark, Joe Rotondo designs clothes that embody lived experiences. Pulling from common childhood memories of workwear, he is carving his niche in high-utility, super-Americana designs. Joe believes that workwear isn’t just about function, or even about aesthetics, but about honoring our utilitarian roots over multiple generations.

Founded in 2015, each piece of Rocky Clark is designed to weather the test of time. Joe draws his inspirations from core themes in his history – colorful stories passed down from his veteran grandfathers, along with Joe’s vivid recollections of growing up in the gritty, working-class borough of early 2000’s Brooklyn. 

Immune to getting caught up with the latest trends, Joe favors leaning into the enduring concepts embedded in vintage military workwear. His designs are built to last. They draw inspiration from the original utility, leading to design choices that marry past and present.

Guided by the principles of sustainability and ethical consumption, each garment is crafted around the value of longevity – the style is timeless, quality enduring. Inherently loyal to Joe’s values, each design also represents his deeply held vision to leave as little impact on the Earth as possible.

This ethos informs each design decision Joe makes – from reinforcing the high pressure points to ensure garments wear wash after wash, to sourcing the highest quality zippers from RIRI for each garment. 

Instead of cutting corners, Joe reinforces them. 

By producing locally in New York with manufacturers paying equitable living wages, Joe and his team at Rocky Clark support local artisans and craftsmen. This eliminates the traditional wasteful practice of offshore production, including the unnecessary carbon footprint created by shipping and transport emissions. This local ‘manufact to rack’ philosophy fosters a complete and human-based supply chain honoring the ethics and care we bring to each piece.

Every garment is a tribute to Joe’s experiences, heritage, and convictions. Beyond fashion, his pieces invite wearers to traverse shared narratives, and experience and what it means to see, feel, and experience the historical industrial spirit of Brooklyn, New York.